What is MacTrek?
MacTrek is a free to play open source software cross platform multiplayer hybrid multi-directional shooter and real time strategy game for up to 16 players. The goal of the game is to capture all the opposing team's planets. It combines "twitch" style reflexive dogfighting with extensive team play and strategy.
Why a new client?
When we look at the original client, we notice that it has been well maintained but the code has seen no mayor port since 1996 when Robert Temple created an Java version from it.
His object oriented approach is the style we will follow for MacTrek as well, though we keep a keen eye on the nice C code that the COW boys have written.
What’s it like?
Check out the screenshots or read MacTrekUserManual.pdf.
About MacTrek
Developer: Chris Lukassen
Version:     1.5.0
Netrek:       Wikipedia article
Trailer:         In small format or
                     in large.
External Links:
The latest release of MacTrek can be downloaded here