Why sponsor MacTrek?
MacTrek is open source. This means that it comes for free, but if you really like it and wish to show your appreciation for a fine piece of software and a zillion hours of coding, please read on, you can make a difference to a lot of people by even the smallest form of appreciation.
Who will benefit?
Chris and Judith Lukassen run a number of small projects in Ghana (West - Africa) to help the local population to help themselves. All projects cost money, and various sources are applied, a hand full of dollars or euro’s will pay for those schoolbooks, that leaky roof that needed to be fixed, the power regulator that will spare the classroom of computers that are breaking down etc. etc.
Since 2002 we have run/participated in programs in:
  1.  Yendi, building of a primary school
  2.  Yendi, building of additional classrooms
  3.  Kadjebi, training of computer maintenance staff, power regulation
  4.  Jassikan, Palm Oil production training
  5.  Techimann, Women Organization training
  6.  Laptop project Volta Region
  7.  Tamale, Widows and Orphans project
The unique connection with local organizations and friends makes it possible to cut away the middle layer that contains the usual corruption and makes that the money is spent, there where it is needed most.
How to sponsor?
You can use PayPal to send your donation to us. We will keep you posted as to what we have done with your money. So you can also see it is well spent. Contact us through mactrek@luky.nl for details.